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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    1. Sweepster - by Jenkins Equipment Co.
    Clears a 60" path working at 30° angle.


    2. Mighty Mac Sprayer by Amerind-Mackissic, Inc. Big 50 gal. polyethylene tank. Piston pump provides pressure to spray up to 30 ft.

    Hudson Matador - Sprayer. (Not Shown) Available in 15, 30 and 50 gallon tanks.


    3. Arps Mini-Rake. Spreads crushed stone or soil. Clears brush and other debris”6 ft. at a pass. Sets up at five different angles to windrow cleared material. Sets at right angles for gathering. Optional gauge-wheel controls working depth.

    York Rake. (Not Shown) 6 ft. working width combines scarifying, blading, raking. Removes stones and debris. Spreads topsoil. Even pulverizes and mulches.


    4. Mott Trailing Mowers. Mows, shreds weeds, mulches leaves with a 60 swath. Flails fold back on impact to minimize danger of throwing stones or other objects.


    5. Brantly Backhoe.   Hydraulic Operation. Easy to install, too.

    Saf-T-Gard Roll-Over Bars. Meets all OSHA   requirements. Protective system includes 4-post roll bar, sun shade roof, seat belt and anti-surge fuel cap. Approved and registered by the states of California and New York.

    planter.jpg 6. Cole Planter. (Planter and foot attaches to Simplicity cultivator) Includes mounting brackets, opener, hopper, fertilizer attachment and fertilizer side placer attachment. Additional seed plates and crop shield available.


    7. Brinly Fork Lift. Two adjustable heavy fork bars are rear mounted. For lifting and transporting. Requires 3-point "A" frame adapter kit.


    8. Brinly Tandem Disk Harrow.   Four gang rows, each with four 12 heat-treated steel disks. Gangs can be set at 10 ° 15 ° 20 ° or towed horizontally.


    9. Original Suburban Cab. Available in vinyl cab with fiberglass top (Shown) or full fiberglass enclosure.

    E-Z Rake ® Vacuum Sweeper. (Not Shown) Picks up leaves, clippings, thatch and twigs. Requires cart and cart cover. Big 18 ft. capacity stores 50 bushels of chopped debris.

    Brinly Rol-Aerator. (Not Shown) Combination roller and lawn aerator improves fertilizing and seeding efficiency. Helps control water run-off and soil moisture retention.

    Snowco Lo-Ride Utility and Fayette Trailers. (Not Shown) Heavy duty. trailers haul up to 4,000 lbs.

    Gannon Earth Mover. (Not Shown) Scrapes,   scarifies, levels and backfills.

    Brinly Powr-Caster. (Not Shown) Choice of two rust-proof models for spreading grass seed, fertilizer or ice melters.

    Kensico Spiker-Aerator. (Not Shown) Weight pan lets you match penetration to ground conditions. In 32" 38 and 48 working widths.

    Gill Spiker. (Not Shown) Spiker holes help prevent erosion. In 36 working width.

    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, The Simplicity System 9020, Form 41007, courtesy of Paul Kjorlie]

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