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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    4. 60" Rotary Mower.
    If you have grounds to maintain, you're bound to have some big mowing chores. Simplicity's patented
    free-floating mower goes at it 5 ft. at a pass, up to 4 acres per hour. Gives you a smooth, even cut, because the mower follows the ground instead of the tractor. Cutting height adjusts from 1-5/8" to 3"

    Effective cutting width: 60"
    Mowing capacity: Up to 4 acres an hour.
    Height of cut: 1-5/8" to 3"
    Type of adjustment: Twin self-locking stepless screws.
    Blade arrangement: 3 staggered overlapping 21"  blades.
    Width (across tractor): 71"
    Length (front of hitch to rear of rollers): 38"
    Height (ground to top of mower): 11 ½"
    Effective clipping channel (height above blade): 6™"
    Trim overhang (left side of tractor): Ag Tires 8" -Turf Tires 4 ½" - High Float Tires 1 ½"
    Mower input drive: V-Belt through electric clutch.
    Blade drive: V-Belt with spring loaded idler.
    Spindle bearings: Caged rolling contact, grease lubricated.
    Hitching means: Front axle at 2 points.
    Weight (approximate): 290 pounds.


    5. 48" Rotary Tiller.
    Breaks up sod, previously worked soil and ground never worked before ”as deep as 8 inches. Long life, self-sharpening tines are easy to adjust or remove. Working depth controlled by limit chain and skid shoes. Ideal for landscaping and putting in new   lawns. Works with dozer blade to contour lawns before seeding.

    Effective tilling width: 48"
    Tilling depth: Up to 8"
    Number of tine clusters: 7 (4 replaceable tines per cluster).
    Tine circle diameter: 16"
    Drive means: Rear PTO.
    Drive train: Double universal joint drive shaft, bevel gears, cross shaft torque limiting clutch, two stage No. 50 and 60 roller chain drive with hardened sprockets.
    Bearings: Rolling contact bearings with grease fittings.
    Tine shaft speed: 200 RPM at rated engine speed.
    Hitching means: 3-point hitch. Category 0.
    Weight (approximate): 305 pounds.


    6. 48 Rear Rotary Mower.
    Rear mounted to work in rougher terrain. Makes short work of weeds and tall grass. Cutting height adjustable from 1" to 8"

    Effective cutting width: 48"
    Overall width: 52 ½"
    Overall length: 50"
    Height: 26"
    Drive System: Rear PTO through standard universal joint shaft to gear reduction unit.
    Gage wheels: One, mounted in rear.
    Cutting height range: 1" to 8"
    Type cutters: Hinged knife.
    Number of cutter spindles: 1.
    Cutters per spindle: 2.
    Cutter RPM: 1400 at rated engine speed.
    Cutter tip speed: 17,600 FPM at rated engine speed.
    Hitching means: 3 Point Hitch.
    Weight (approximate): 380 pounds.

    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, The Simplicity System 9020, Form 41007, courtesy of Paul Kjorlie]






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