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    Engine: Onan CCKB, 19.5 max bhp @ 3600 rpm. Two cylinders horizontally opposed, 4 cycle, 31/4 bore, 3 stroke, 49.8 Cu. in. piston displacement, compression ratio 7.0 to 1. Piston speed 1800 fpm. BMEP 81.3 PSI (Performance test conducted by manufacturer and corrected in accordance with l.C.E.l. engine test code). Cooling system pressure air axial-flow blower cooling air volume 830 CFM at 3600 RPM. Combination manifold and muffler exhaust system. Adjustable jet side draft gasoline carburetor fuel system with diaphragm fuel pump. Fuel lift 4 ft. Manually operated choke. Oil pump system provides full pressure lubrication to main and connecting rod bearings and governor. Main and rod bearings are replaceable with precision inserts. Positive rotation exhaust and intake valves with replaceable exhaust valves seats. Full flow cartridge type oil filter and replaceable dry type air cleaner element.

    Dimensions: (With 29 x 12.00/15 rear and 20 x 8.00/10 front Turf tires).
    Wheelbase 56"
    Overall length 83"
    Overall width (max) 56"
    Overall height to steering wheel 48"
    Ground clearance, mm. under front axle 15"
    Turning radius, no brake, feet outside front wheel 8"
    Turning radius, braking, feet outside front wheel 6"
    Turning radius, no brake, feet inside rear wheel 3
    Turning radius, braking, feet inside rear wheel 1
    Drawbar height above ground 13"
    Liquid Capacities: Fuel tank, 3.8 gals., Transmission, 6.0 qts.
    Engine crankcase, 3.5 qts., Axle housings, 0.5 qts. each.

    Shipping Weight with AG front & rear tires 1390 lbs.
    Shipping Weight with Turf front & rear tires 1426 lbs.
    Shipping Weight with Hi Float rear & Hi Cap. front tires 1480 lbs.
    Approximate operating weight with operator, full fuel and oil. 
    Weight on front wheels  490 lbs.
    Weight on rear wheels  1110 lbs.

    Power Train: Sunstrand in-line hydrostatic variable displacement piston pump, fixed displacement piston motor drives heavy duty 3-speed range sliding-gear transaxles. 8 pinion spur gear limited-slip differential integral to transmission housing. Final drive has individual bull gears driven by pinion with welded wheel flanges are journaled on tapered roller bearings.

    Ground Speeds: mph with 14.8 rolling radius tires and 3600 rpm engine speed with no allowance for slippage.
    RANGE                 FORWARD                         REVERSE
    Low                           0 to 4.2                           0 to 2.6
    Medium                    0 to 6.3                           0 to 4.0
    High                         0 to 10.4                         0 to 6.2

    Instruments: Ammeter. Oil Pressure warning light. Oil temperature warning light. Hourmeter. Fuel gauge.

    Controls: Right & Left brake pedal. Clutch pedal. Park brake lock. Choke. Throttle. Front & rear clutch switches. Front & rear hydraulic control levers. Transmission control lever. Transmission shift lever. Seat adjustment lever. Ignition switch and key. Steering wheel.

    Brakes: Individual disc brakes inboard-mounted on differential input shafts. One pedal for each brake can be locked together. Parking brake locks operating brakes.

    Hydraulic Lift System: Hydraulically powered lift system to raise mid-mounted or rear implements. Hydraulic kit available for front mounted implements. Pump rated at 2.5 GPM or 500 PSI. Valve is 2 spool valve for independent control of front and rear cylinders with quick disconnect adapter for front only. Cylinder is 2.5" diameter X 4" stroke double acting.

    PTO and Clutches: Independent power take-off at rear of tractor controlled by electric clutch rated at 80 ft. lbs. Front PTO also standard with electric controlled clutch on engine crankshaft. Rear PTO outputs to 1 involute spline with 15 internal teeth, rotation speed is 2000 RPM at rated engine speed.

    Drawbar and 3-point Hitch: Fixed position removable rear drawbar 13" above ground with hole for 3/4" pin. 3 point hitch mast height is 12" category "0" and includes arms, sway chains, depth limit chains and dual implement screw-type tilt adjustment.

    Electrical System: Battery is 45 ampere-hour 12 volt SAE 20 ampere flywheel alternator with silicon diode rectifier, transistorized temperature compensated voltage regulator. 30 ampere fuse protects alternator, 20 ampere circuit breaker protects auxiliary, twin seal beam floodlights mounted under fenders are controlled by ignition key and light switch under dash panel. Rear floodlight is optional. Electric interlocks on clutches and transmission control lever prevents starting with PTO™s energized or with transmission out of neutral position.

    Frame: Heavy gauge formed double channel, full length of tractor independent of engine.

    Front Axle: Formed steel channel and welded. Center pivot journaled on large bronze bearing. Axle bearing and wishbone widely spaced for stability. Wheel bearings are tapered rolling contact type, sealed and lubricated. Spindles are journaled on widely spaced bronze bearings with ball thrust bearings.

    Steering: Automotive type recirculating ball screw, finger tip steering with 14 diameter steering wheel which turns 3.2 revolutions from lock to lock.

    Seat and Fenders: Adjustable, padded contour seat is spring mounted on incline ramp. Rear fenders shield operator from wheels and carry flood-lights.


    The Simplicity System
    Because your yard is a lot more than a lawn.

    Specifications, descriptions and illustrative material contained herein are accurate as of the date this publication was approved for printing We reserve the right to discontinue models or change specifications or designs at any time without notice or obligation   Father Nature is a Simplicity trademark.


    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, The Simplicity System 9020, Form 41007, courtesy of Paul Kjorlie]

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