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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Ads & Flyers


    Check out these old ads and flyers ... They would have simply lost too much "in the translation" if I had tried to reformat them as text.   Click each picture for a closer view.



    Magazine ad, 1961




     Farm Journal,  
    February 1964

    simp_ad_1964.jpg (138904 bytes)

    National Geographic, May 1965
    courtesy of Kraig McConaughey  

    Magazine ad, 1965
    courtesy of Kraig McConaughey  

    NGMay1965Simp.jpg (137816 bytes)


    National Geographic, May 1967
    courtesy of Kraig McConaughey  

    National Geographic, Apr 1968
    courtesy of Kraig McConaughey  

    NGMay1967Simp.jpg (283537 bytes)

    NGApril1968Simp.jpg (253429 bytes)

     Ad Master, date unknown
    courtesy of Ed England & Sam Ericson




    1982 Agway flyer  
    Courtesy of Myron Peeble

    mp_tractors1.jpg (135020 bytes)

    mp_tractors2.jpg (168583 bytes)

    mp_tractors3.jpg (118066 bytes)

    mp_tractors4.jpg (146812 bytes)

    mp_tractors5.jpg (156210 bytes)

    mp_tractors6.jpg (149448 bytes)

    Another 1982 Agway flyer
    Courtesy of Myron Peebles

    mp_tractors7.jpg (153447 bytes)

    mp_tractors8.jpg (175119 bytes)

    Phone book ad
    courtesy of Myron Peebles

    Newspaper Ad, 1981,
    courtesy of Myron Peebles

    mp_tractors24.jpg (63318 bytes)

    mp_tractors25.jpg (171818 bytes)

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