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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    A Complete Tractor System for Whatever Field You're In

    A New Product . . . Innovative . . . Affordable.
    Small farmers in developing areas need a small, basic tractor to increase their productivity. Big farmers need such a tractor to supplement larger equipment.   The GII answers both.

    The Perfect Answer for Whatever Field You're In.
    A range of 24 easy to mount implements and accessories are available to handle any job.   A unique, simple, hydraulic drive system delivers 450 kilograms drawbar pull, utilizing a 16 hp engine. The GII comes equipped with two category "0", 3-point hitches that are hydraulically operated with a lift capacity of over 325 kilograms each.   Both front and rear axles are adjustable to accommodate row widths up to 180 centimeters.

    Handles in Tight Spots.
    With individual, left and right brakes, the GII has a turning radius of 2.3 meters. This radius combined with instant forward-and-reverse hydraulic drive makes it maneuverable in tight areas.

    Designed for the Worker and the Job.
    The GII gives the driver comfort, easy turning and great visibility.   The tractor has a full 51 centimeter ground clearance. The GII offers easy service, low purchase cost, low maintenance cost, and low cost of operation.   It uses only about 3.5 liters of gas per hour. Diesel engines are also available.

    Makes it Through Wet Ground.
    The GII Tractor is light weight to prevent bogging down in wet field conditions. The rear engine design places weight over rear wheels for better traction. Mid-mounted implements evenly distribute the load and add traction as they bite into the ground. Most GII implements mount in front of the operator; visible at all times.

    The GII Tractor Is What You've Been Waiting For.

    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, GII TRACTOR, 820501-02   AD-118, 1982?, courtesy of Earl Yetman]

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