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    std_sulky.jpg STANDARD RIDING SULKY.   "Ride while you work" on comfortable seat.   Can be used with Gang Mower and all front-hitch attachments.   Equipped with brakes. Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications:   Steel frame: spring seat. Width over tires:   24".   Tires: 4.00 x 8, 2-ply pneurmatic Shipping weight: 74 lbs.

    COMBINATION HEAVY-DUTY RIDING SULKY.   Ride while you mow, haul or roll the lawn.   Sulky consists of sturdy frame adjustable to track behind tractor, or to either side.   Comfortable seat, rubber-tired roller-bearing wheels.   Lawn roller interchanges with wheels.   Trailer body attaches without removing seat.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Steel frame, seat, wheels and frame extension. Width over tires: 36 ½". Tires 4.00 x 8 2-ply pneumatic. Shipping weight: 80 lbs. Trailer body shipping weight: 75 lbs

    lawn_roller.jpg LAWN ROLLER.   Attaches to Combination Sulky in minutes, without tools, by pulling two pins from wheels and substituting roller. Equipped with easily removed tubular handles for hand rolling.   Nylon bearing needs no lubrication.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: 21 ½." wide, 18" diameter. Capacity: 250 lbs, filled. Shipping weight: 70 lbs.

    20" and 26" ROTARY WEED CUTTERS. For cutting all kinds of undergrowth from fall grass to tough weeds and saplings.   Cuttings thrown clear of blade.   Metal guide permits cutting close to obstructions.   Brake stops blade from rotating when declutched.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Blade: 26" or 20" diameter, tempered cuffing edge. Rotor Shaft Timken Roller Bearings. Cutting height: adjustable.   Shipping weight: 26"-- 52 lbs.; 20"-- 51 lbs.

    walder_reels.jpg 20". 24" and 30" REEL LAWN MOWERS.   Engine-driven cutting reel and independent clutch.   Rigid cutting bar has simple positioning adjustment for underknife.   All mowers are belt driven.   Use with all Simplicity   tractors.

    Specifications: Width of cut: 20", 24" or 3D". Height of cut: I" to 3". Cutting reel: 5 heat-treated blades. Reel bearings: precision ball bearings, double-shielded, grease packed. Gauge roller: full width, wood sections. Shipping weight: 20" -- 75 lbs., 24" -- 78 lbs., 30" -- 92 lbs.

    REAR MOUNTED CULTIVATOR.     Adaptable to many crops and soil conditions.   Working depths easily controlled by parallel tool lift and screw regulator.   Tools are staggered to shed trash.   Works astride or between rows.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Parallel tool lift. Two 3-gang tool holders.   Two 10" x 1.175'' rubber-tired gauge wheels. Shovels: 6 ½'' x 8" reversible. Shipping weight; 87 lbs.

    spike_tooth.jpg SPIKE TOOTH HARROW with HITCH.   For leveling and breaking down plowed ground.   Adjustable setting for both pitch and depth.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Humber of spikes: 19.   Working width: 36".   Setting:   Adjustable for pitch and depth. Shipping weight: 34 lbs.

    20" and 24" ROTARY LAWN MOWERS. Deep housing completely shields blade for real safety, close coupled for better cutting on rough ground -- avoids "scalping" rough spots.   Trims within 1" of fences and walls, trims under hedges.   Can be used on all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Mower blade: 24" and 30", high carbon steel. Cutting height: adjustable, 1 ¾" to 4". Wheels; 8"x 1 ¾". with semi pneumatic tires. Shipping weight: 20"-- 50 lbs.; 24' -- 65 lbs.

    reel_mower.jpg 30" WONDER-BOY REEL LAWN MOWER.     For use with the Wonder-Boy 7" diameter reel with six cutting blades supported on five malleable   cast iron spiders.   Chain drive to reel fully enclosed. Cutting height adjustable from ¾" to 2 ¾". "Free Floating" hitch, never scalps high spots.

    Specifications:   Width of cut: 30". Height of cut: ¾"   to 2 ¾". Cutting reel:   6 heat-treated blades. Reel bearings: precision ball bearings. Gauge rollers: full width, wood sections.; Shipping weight: 115 lbs.

    26" ROTARY SHOW THROWER.   Cuts a 26" inch swath through deep snow. Revolving outlet duct is controlled from tractor handles, can be turned to throw snow in any direction and, by angling duct top, to the desired distance from the tractor. Adjustable shoes enable the plow to clear rough or graveled surfaces.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications:   Width of swath: 26".   Outlet duct: revolving, controlled from tractor handles. Duct Cap: adjustable to throw snow close or far away. Shipping weight: 118 lbs.


    [Source: Simplicity Lawn & Garden Power Equipment catalog, 1957, courtesy of Iain McCowan]    

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