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    20" BRUSH AND LOG SAW AND CRADLE. Operates vertically for bucking and limbing, horizontally for felling trees to 16" diameter and clearing underbrush. Auto-clutch disengages when throttle is closed or engine it. overloaded. Available with steel tilting frame (extra) for cutting cordwood. Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Saw blade: 20" tempered steel. Tilting frame (extra}. Sturdy steel construction. Saw frame: steel with retractable stand. Adjustable for vertical or horizontal cutting. Automatic overload protection. Shipping weight: 54 lbs.

    moldboard.jpg 6 ½'', 8" AND 10" MOLDBOARD PLOWS.   A regulator permits depth changes while tractor is in motion.   The
    swivel rolling coulter cuts trash and leaves a clean furrow.   Plow cuts precise planting furrows.   For best results use 10" plow for larger Simplicity tractors.   Other two for use with the smaller Models A and FC.

    Specifications: Plow share: tempered steel. Adjustable depth. Width of cut:10", 8" and 6 ½". Swivel rolling coulter. Shipping weight:10"-- 61 lbs.: 8" -- 45 lbs.; 6 ½"-- 42 lbs.

    LAWN AERATOR.   Designed to cultivate as well as aerate lawns quickly, easily and well.   Heavy-gauge weight pan.   Weights in pan help spikes penetrate deep into the soil.   Fifteen knife-like spike blades pierce the ground cleanly, leaving no ugly holes as other implements with square or round spikes do.   For use with all Simplicity walking tractors and the Wonder-Boy.

    Specifications: Rolling Width: 30,*. Shipping weight: 60 lbs.

    12_tiller.jpg 12" STANDARD ROTARY TILLER. Designed for small gardens.   Shield specially constructed to leave smooth seed bed.   Depth shoe can be set for deep or shallow tilling.   Low cost.   For use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Width of cut: 12". Fully enclosed chain drive. Depth of tillage: 5". Number of tines: 8. Bronze bearings with high pressure grease fittings. Heavy section high carbon heat-treated steel tines. Weight: 60 lbs.

    28" ROTARY TILLER.   Heavy non-clogging, self-sharpening tines guaranteed against breakage.   Center drive and open construction also reduce clogging.   Removable depth-shoe permits finishing seed bed without leaving furrow marks.   Slow tine speeds spade the earth, leaving the pumice intact.

    Specifications: Standard cut: 28". Two-step chain-enclosed drive. Tine speed: 150 RPM at 3600 rated engine speed. Tines easily adjusted.   Shipping weight: 118 lbs.

    spreader.jpg FERTILIZER and SEEDER.   Huge hopper capacity saves reloading time.   Newly-designed; agitator control has 20 settings to properly spread seeds and fertilizer.   Stainless steel valve and baffle plates eliminate rust and corrosion.   Use with all Simplicity Walking tractors and Wonder-Boy.

    Specifications: Hopper size: 28"x 10 ¼" x 10 ¾".   18-gauge ends with 20-gauge steel body.   Spreading width: 28". Wheel size: 10", equipped with 10 X 1.75 tires.   Hopper capacity: 80 lbs. Shipping weight: 42 lbs.

    30" AND 42" SNOW PLOW AND BULLDOZER.   Ail-steel blades clear snow quickly and easily. Blades angle at left, right or straight ahead for light grading, cleaning farm buildings or poultry runs.Adjustable gauge shoes.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.   Wheel weights and tire chains.

    Specifications: Width of swath: 42" or 30". Angled width of swath: 38" or 26"   Blade height: 15 ½''   Shipping weight: 42" -- 43 lbs.; 30" -- 35 lbs.

    12_disc.jpg 12" DISC HARROWS.   For preparing seed beds, deep cultivating and hilling. Gangs reversible to throw in and throw out. Leveling adjustment provided.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.   Counter and wheel weights recommended.

    Specifications: 8 or 6 discs. 12" high carbon steel discs.   Bearings: oiled. hard maple.   Tool bar: 36" Shipping weights: 8 weights -- 64 lbs; 6 weights -- 55 lbs.

    30" SICKLE BAR.   Cuts ahead of tractor and close to trees and fences from either side.   Clutch permits cutter bar to operate while tractor is motionless. Entire unit precision made. Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications: Capacity: 4 to 5 acres a day. Width of cut: 30". Width of sections: 2". Lubrication: high pressure Alemite. Crank bearing: Anti-friction roller type. Shipping weight: 62 lbs.

    gang_mower.jpg TWO-GANG COMPANION MOWER.   For institutions, estates, etc. with substantial lawn areas.   Two 20" heavy duty, ground-driven mowers with tractor hitch.   Use with 24" and 30" front-mounted mowers.   Use with all Simplicity tractors.

    Specifications:   Total width of cut: 59" or 64". Height of cut: ½" to 2 ½''.   Cuffing reels:2, each with 5 fully tempered steel cuffing blades.   Reel bearings; precision ball bearings, double shielded, grease packed.   Gauge rollers: 3-section wood. Shipping weight: 129 lbs.

    [Source: Simplicity Lawn & Garden Power Equipment catalog, 1957, courtesy of Iain McCowan]    

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