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    More Model 700 Attachments


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    700_cultivator_pg5.jpg (65985 bytes)

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    . . . for every lawn and garden task    

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    cultivator_pg5.jpg (17916 bytes)
    CULTIVATOR (Mfr. No. 990209)
    Cultivate astride small plants or between rows, adjust cultivating depth to suit with this easy-handling. Simplicity attachment. Couples in seconds without tools. Sturdy carbon steel knives are staggered to shed trash. Shipping weight: 105 lbs.
    disc_pg5.jpg (18509 bytes) 8-12" DISC HARROW (Mfr No 990206)
    Smooth, even seed beds and hilling are a trademark of this Simplicity 12' harrow. Reversible gangs can be adjusted to throw in or out as desired. Couples in seconds without tools. Shipping weight: 70 lbs.
    snowthrower_pg5.jpg (19014 bytes) 36" ROTARY SNOW THROWER (Mfr. No 990175)
    This rugged attachment is built to take the punishment of long, hard use under trying conditions. Precision, anti-friction bearings are used throughout. The revolving outlet duct adjusts to throw snow in any direction. Unit is raised by lift lever. Shipping weight: 120 lbs.
    dozer_pg5.jpg (13015 bytes) 42" SNOW PLOW & GRADER BLADE (Mfr. No. 990179)  
    Use for grading, cleaning farm buildings or poultry runs and plowing snow. Blade angles right, left or straight ahead. Gauge shoes are adjustable. Blade is controlled by lift lever that can be counterbalanced for ease of lifting. Shipping weight: 56 lbs.
    gang_reel_pg5.jpg (26275 bytes) 3-GANG MOWER (Mr,. No. 990180)
    These three 21-inch heavy-duty ground-driven mowers simplify lawn care for large estates, institutions, etc. They cut a swath five feet wide in one pass; mow 23/~ acres per hour. Shipping weight: 250 lbs.

    PLUS . . .

    HALF-TON TRAILER CART. Strong cross-braced welded steel frame. Nine cu. ft. (heaped) capacity. Pneumatic tires. Removable tailgate. Shipping weight: 120 lbs. · COUNTER BALANCE WEIGHTS, Used with some tools to balance and ease lifting. · WHEEL WEIGHTS. Provide greater traction over loose soil, swampy ground. Shipping weight: 25 lbs. each. · TIRE CHAINS. Provide extra traction, especially for snow plowing. Shipping weight: 33 lbs. · LEAF MULCHER. Special attachment available for use with rotary mower. Shipping weight: 10 lbs. · DUAL WHEEL KIT for use where increased traction is required or if soil is extremely sandy or muddy. Also used on hills to increase stability.

    [Source: Simplicity Lawn and Garden Power Equipment catalog, 1959, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]  

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