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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    725 Implements


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    8-12" DISC HARROW
    Want smooth, even seed beds and hilling? This is your unit. Reversible gangs can be adjusted to throw in or out. Attaches in seconds without tools. (Requires No. 203 hitch adapter. Recommend No. 223 front counterweight and four No. 046 wheel weights.) Model No. 206. Ship. Wt. 70 lbs.
    Advanced-design lets you work astride small plants or between rows. Your cultivating depth is easily adjusted while in operation, too. Sturdy carbon steel knives are staggered to shed trash. (Requires No. 203 hitch adapter.) Model No. 209. Ship. Wt. 105 lbs



    Can be completely overturned without disconnecting the trailer hitch or lifting trailer wheels from ground. Balanced for easy dumping. Heavy-gauge steel and completely reinforced. Detachable tail gate. No tools needed to attach. Capacity: 1/2 ton. Model No. 085. Ship. Wt. 120 lbs.
    Attaches with just one pin: more than covers wheel span of the tractor. Weighs 370 lbs. when filled with water. Has spring-loaded scraper blade to clean roller. Diameter: 18". Flat length: 36". Rolling surface is heavy 12-ga. steel. Model No. 227. Ship. Wt. 90 lbs. A 21-1/2" Lawn Roller No. 083 is also available. Ship. Wt. 60 lbs.



    Clips a velvety 98" swath, making it ideal for large parks, estates, broad expanses of lawn. Two outside units easily detached for mowing in smaller areas. Adjustable cutting heights. Unique hitch permits each of 5 units to follow ground contours. Flex-Tred tires (3.50 x 11.25) are soft and easy on turf. 5 alloy steel blades each reel. Model No. 275. Ship. Wt. 533 lb
    Converts Summer Cab to protect you from icy winds, snow, and cold. Clear vinyl plastic windows in curtains on front, two sides and rear for excellent visibility. Dark cloth on front windshield curtain cuts glare off hood, prevents snow from entering cab. Side curtain can be removed independently. Cab can be pivoted on rear support for easy access to controls and engine. Model No. 282

    [Source: 1963 Simplicity Lawn & Garden Catalog, courtesy of Ronald Miksa]

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