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    Landlord Attachments



    9 hp LANDLORD ... work saving quick change artist!

    FAST HITCHING SAVES YOU TIME, TEMPER, AND TROUBLE. There are many brands of lawn and garden power equipment who claim they can come close to Simplicity performance. But there's always one little hitch -- and that's FAST HITCHING!

    Simplicity attachments not only outperform all the others, they're ready to go faster. It takes less than a minute to change implements ... and you don't have to use tools. Be sure to compare this important feature with other brands. You'll agree.., nobody offers faster hitching. It's still another benchmark of superlative Simplicity engineering.

    landlord_pg6.jpg (52336 bytes)
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    5-GANG MOWER (Mfg. No. 990275) Really gangs up on tough grass cutting jobs. Snips a giant 98" swath, so it's ideal for parks, estates, other broad expanses of grass. Cuts nearly 6 acres per hour. Two outside units detach quickly for mowing smaller areas. Adjustable cutting heights 1" to 2-1/8". Unique hitch allows all five units to follow ground contours. Flex-tread tires (3:50 x 11:25) are soft and easy on turf.

    42" ROTARY MOWER (Mfg. No. 990285) Trims your lawn at a two-acre per-hour clip. Features patented FREE FLOATING -- mower is mounted on front axle, so it follows front wheels over contours, never scalps. Extra-deep housing prevents clogging, 3 blades and large discharge chute. Cutting heights adjustable 1-5/8" to 3-1/8''. Cuts to within 5/8" on either side. New, better cutting blades now have added tip life. (Requires No. 990317 Power Take-Off). Leaf Mulcher No. 990284 optional.

    32" ROTARY MOWER (Mfg. No. 990207) Makes short work of grass cutting. mowing 1-3/8 acres per hour. Features patented FREE FLOAT--the tractor's front wheels tilt the mower over uneven ground. Result: no scalping. 3 high-carbon hardened steel blades and heavy-walled steel housing for long life. (Requires No. 990317 Power Take-Off). Leaf mulcher No. 990173 optional.

    rotary_mowers_pg7.jpg (32134 bytes)
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    3_gang_pg7.jpg (49681 bytes)
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    3-GANG MOWER (Mfg. No. 990273) (shown at right) Cuts a smooth swath five feet wide. Finishes 2-3/4 acres an hour. Three 22" ground driven mowers. Heavy duty construction easily takes daily pounding in stride. Flex-Tread Tires easy on turf. Heights adjustable 1" to 2-1/8''.
    42" GRADER BLADE (Mfg. No. 990237) You'll grade your level best on gravel drives and loose dirt. Attaches with only three pins; no tools required. Angles right, left, straight ahead. High carbon steel blade is sturdy half-inch thick, double beveled, and reversible. (recommend four No. 046 wheel weights).  

    grader_blade_pg7.jpg (49462 bytes)
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    cultivator_pg7.jpg (78124 bytes)
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    CULTIVATOR (Mfg. No. 990209)   Really cultivate a friendship for your Landlord as you work astride small plants and between rows. Cultivating depth easily adjustable- even while you're in operation. Sturdy high-carbon reversible steel knives are staggered to shed trash, keep your rows neat. (requires No. 990203 Hitch Adapter). (shown at lower right)

    moldboard_pg7.jpg (57701 bytes)
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    10" MOLDBOARD PLOW (Model No. 990204).  Rolling coulter to cut trash and leave a clean furrow. Precise furrow control easy with efficient depth regulator. (Four No. 990046 wheel weights and 181 tire chains recommended for better traction over soil and heavy plowing. Requires No. 990203 hitch adapter.) Ship. Wt. 76 lbs.

    [Source: Simplicity brochure, live the life of Simplicity, Form 964, Sep 1964]

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