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    36" LAWN ROLLER (Mfg. No. 990227) Landlord with 36" lawn roller. Easily attached with just one pin, yet covers the wheel span of the tractor and weighs 370 lbs. when filled with water. Spring-loaded scraper blade cleans roller surface during operation.

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    8-12" DISC HARROW (Mfg. No. 990206)   Smooth, even seed beds and hilling in one pass without any exertion. Reversible gangs can be adjusted to throw in or out. Attaches in seconds without tools. (Requires No. 990203 hitch adapter. Recommend No. 990223 front counter weight and four No. 990046 wheel weights.)
    32" ROTARY TILLER (Mfg. No. 990174) Gentle blending action prepares ideal seed beds, since it never pulverizes soil structure. Strong, non-clogging, self-sharpening tines. Precision anti-friction bearings. EASY LIFT lever raises when desired. (Recommend No. 990223 front counterweight for balance and easy lifting.) Pulley kit No. 238 reduces tractor speeds. Extension tines No. 990212 optional, increase tillage width to 42".

    tiller_pg8.jpg (43329 bytes)

    winter_cab_pg8.jpg (38850 bytes)

    WINTER CAB (conversion kit)  Converts summer cab to protect you from icy winter winds, snow and cold. Clear vinyl plastic windows in curtains on front, two sides, and rear for 360 ° visibility. Dark cloth on front windshield cuts blinding glare off hood, prevents snow from entering cab. Side curtain can be removed independently. Cab can be pivoted on rear support for easy access to controls and engine. (Mfg. No. 990282)
    SUMMER CAB (Mfg. No. 990283) Protected from the searing stare of the sun, you've got it made in the shade. Just eight bolts attach tubular steel bracing to the frame. And unique Lift-O-Dot Snap Couplers secure the fabric in seconds. Lots of headroom, excellent visibility all around, yet you're in the shade at all times.

    summer_cab_pg8.jpg (44186 bytes)

    box_pg9.jpg (18611 bytes) CARRY-ALL BOX (Mfg. No. 990274)  Does just what its name implies. Easily carries 350 lbs., yet attaches to the Landlord with only three pins. Removable tail gate for loading ease. Heavy 16 gauge steel box and heavily reinforced supporting structure shrug off heavy, constant use. Only 10" deep and measures 20" x 40", it stores in a small space.
    MOBILE ALTERNATOR GENERATOR  (Mfg. No. 990220)  1500 watts, 13 amp., 115 volts, 60-cycle with volt meter. Start motors that normally require 2500 watt generators, delivers a 30 amp. current for 20 seconds, 20 amp. starting current for 2 minutes. For driving electric lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, pruning equipment, power saws, stand-by power.

    generator_pg9.jpg (31514 bytes)

    sickle_bar_pg9.jpg (52930 bytes)

    46" SICKLE BAR (Mfg. No. 990210)  Quickly slices through heavy growth. Even over rough Terrain and steep slopes. Cuts 1.2 acres an hour in high gear at half throttle. Mounts on the side, between front and rear wheels, in minutes. Mows from near vertical position to 40 ° below horizontal. Spring mechanism protects knives :from obstructions; recouples without operator dismounting. (Requires No. 990317 power take-off.)
    42" DOZER BLADE AND SNOW PLOW (Mfg. No. 990179) Perfect for grading, plowing snow, cleaning farm buildings or poultry runs. Angles right, left or straight ahead, controlled easily by lift lever counterbalancing. (for better traction, four No. 046 wheel weights No. 990182 counterweight, and No. 990315 tire chains are recommended.)

    snow_dozer_pg9.jpg (46921 bytes)

    cart_pg9.jpg (37279 bytes)

    DUMP CART (Mfg. No. 990085) Leave the heavy hauling to this welcome attachment. Hauls 1000 lbs. easily. Can be completely tipped without disconnecting the trailer hitch or lifting trailer wheel from ground. Balanced for easy dumping. Heavy-gauge steel, completely reinforced. Detachable tail gate. Attached without tools. Size 39" x 26" x 12".
    HEART OF LANDLORD'S NEW HYDRAULIC LIFT KIT (Mfg. No. 990339) Brand new feature multiplies your muscle-power, gives you a hydraulic lift when raising front, center or rear-mounted attachments. Allows attachments to be raised or lowered to any position with as little effort as "power steering."

    hydro-lift_pg9.jpg (30080 bytes)

    ACCESSORIES (not shown)
    Electric Light Kit: Two 12-volt sealed beam lights. Mfg. No. 990318. Electric Starter Generator. Includes 12-volt battery. Mfg. No. 990316. Dual Wheels: For extra traction and stability. Mfg. No. 990286. Tire Chains: 8-12, pair. Mfg. No. 990315. Speed Reduction Kit: 10" pulley and belt reduce normal speeds to increase power. Use for Snow Thrower in heavy snow, and with Rotary Tiller for deep tilling. Mfg. No. 990238. Hub Caps: Set of 4. Mfg. No. 990280. Dual Lift Lever Kit. Mfg. No. 990312. Front Counterweight. Recommended for use with heavy rear-mounted attachments. Mfg. No. 990223. Hitch Adapter necessary for Moldboard Plow, Disc Harrow, or Cultivator Blade. Mfg. No. 990203. Rear Counterweight for Snow Thrower Mfg. No. 990182. Collar Weight for Snow Thrower and Dozer and Dozer Blade. Mfg. No. 990045. Wheel Weights. Mfg. No. 990046.

    [Source: Simplicity brochure, live the life of Simplicity, Form 964, Sep 1964]

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