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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Fast Hitching



    10hp LANDLORD 101
    quick change artist of any yard program!

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    5-Gang Mower (Mfg. No. 990275)   With their giant 98" swath, these five units really gang up on big grass cutting jobs, covering nearly 4-1/2 acres per hour.   Two outside units detach quickly for mowing smaller areas.   Cutting heights adjust from 1" to 2-1/8".   Unique hitch allows all five units to follow ground contours.   Flex-tread tires (3:50 x 11:25) take it easy on turf.

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    42" Rotary Mower (Mfg. No. 990285) Mows at a 2-acre-per-hour clip. Has patented FREE FLOATING feature - mower is mounted on front axle so it follows front wheels over contours, never scalps. Hydrolift lowers and raises mower. Extra deep housing and large discharge chute prevent clogging. Three specialty designed cutting blades have added tip life. Cutting height adjustable 1-5/8" to 3-1/8." (Requires No. 990349 Power Take-Off. Leaf Mulcher No. 990284 optional.

    32" Rotary Mower (Mfg. No. 990207)   Never scalps, thanks to patented FREE FLOATING feature -- tractor's front wheels tilt the mower over uneven ground.   Mows 1-3/8 acres per hour with 3 high-carbon hardened steel blades and heavy-walled steel housing for longer life.   (Requires No. 990340 Power Take-off.)   Leaf Mulcher No. 990173 optional.  
    Simplicity™s easy hitching saves you time, temper and trouble. You can disappear around the corner of the house and reappear with a different attachment so quickly the neighbors will think you™re a quick change artist. But the artist is really the 10 hp Landlord, and the engineers who designed it.

    Hard as other brands of lawn and garden power equipment try to come close to Simplicity performance, there™s always one hitch that keeps them from matching its quality and conven ience ” and that™s Fast Hitching!

    None offers faster hitching of implements than Simplicity. It takes less than a minute to change from one implement to another. So, all that time you™d ordinarily spend changing attach ments or looking for tools can be used to hurry through your yard work. Compare this fast hitching feature with other brands. It™s just one more convenience item from Simplicity that leaves you more time for leisure living.

    42" Dozer Blade and Snow Plow (Mfg. No. 990179) Shown later in snow attachment section. Perfect for light work ” such as grading, plowing snow, cleaning farm buildings or poultry runs. Angles right, left or straight ahead. Easily controlled by lift lever, is counter balanced. (For better traction, four No. 046 wheel weights, No. 182 counterweight, and No. 315 tire chains are recommended.)  

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    3-Gang Mower (Mfg. No. 990273)   Three 22 ground driven mowers cut a smooth swath 5ft wide, finish 2-3/4 acres an hour. Heavy duty construction takes daily pounding in stride. Flex-tread tires are easy on turf.

    3_gang.jpg (45148 bytes)

    10" Moldboard Plow (Mfg. No. 990204)   Rolling coulter cuts trash, lets you slice a neat, clean furrow. Handy depth regulator gives precise furrow control. (Requires No. 990203 Hitch Adaptor.) Four No. 990046 wheel weights and 990315 tire chains recommended for sure-footed traction over soil and during heavy plowing.

    moldboard_plow.jpg (59899 bytes)

    Cultivator (Mfg. No. 990209)   Weeds will hate you, but your garden will love you as you work astride small plants and between rows with this adjustable depth cultivator.  It adjusts even while you™re in operation. Sturdy high-carbon reversible steel knives are staggered to shed trash, keep your rows neat. (Requires No. 990203 Hitch Adaptor.)

    culitivator.jpg (57742 bytes)

    42" Grader Blade (Mfg. No. 990237) Lower right. You™ll grade like a pro in loose dirt or on gravel drives with easily adjusted blade. Angles right, left, straight ahead. Attaches with only 3 pins - no tools required. High carbon steel blade is sturdy, half-inch thick, double beveled, reversible. (Recommend four No. 990046 wheel weights.)

    grader.jpg (36995 bytes)


    Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.

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