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    with plenty of compact power!

    Click each picture for a closer view
    wagon.jpg (34636 bytes)

    Check the three illustrated scenes for dramatic proof of   Landlord's work power. In one view, the Landlord is pulling a 450 lb. trailer loaded with 100 bales of hay weighing 70 lb. each, plus a young man and boy weighing 200 lbs. That's 7650 lbs. in all, and it's being pulled uphill! Yet the Landlord moves along steadily at an unflinching pace, giving graphic testimony to its rugged power.

    elevator.jpg (36078 bytes)

    The other scenes show just two more of the many jobs a Landlord can handle. You'll never run out of things for it to do: rotary tilling, cultivating your garden, gang- cutting your grass to golf course smoothness, dumping trash, carrying heavy loads, even providing power for a conveyor belt as you see here. Plus, there's a summer cab to protect you from the sun's stinging rays - as well as a winter cab to shelter you from biting winds, snow and cold.

    air_compressor.jpg (35823 bytes)

    Farm owners call the Landlord one of their best œhired hands. The auxiliary tractor power it provides makes it an investment that pays for itself many times over. The Landlord is right at home on the farm, helping with chores four seasons of the year. The Landlord replaces muscles with mechanization, and is the perfect power package for time-pressed people.
    3 power take-offs offer all year help!

    More farmers are realizing the economy of supplementing big tractor power with small auxiliary tractor power. Operating a big field tractor out of its element is mighty expensive, and the Landlord™s compact convenience allows it to perform in cramped work areas where large tractors can™t maneuver. For its size, the Landlord handles more than its share of chores: Cleaning feed areas, sickle bar mowing of heavy growth around buildings and fences, removing snow, hauling heavy loads, bringing electrical power to places where there is no high-line outlet, and handling many other jobs.  

    The Landlord isn™t just a summertime helper, either. It™s a year-round power partner that™s economical to operate and rugged enough to breeze through punishing chores. Its high mounting allows front and center attachments to use the front wheels, not the frame, as their guide for clearance. Plus, the Landlord™s exclusive rotating screen and internal flywheel baffle plate exclude dirt from cooling fins ” allow engine to run much cooler.

    Rear Power Take-Off. Comes from a driveshaft which delivers power to both sides of the tractor and is directly connected to the engine. Ideal for driving the 110-volt generator and 32 rotary tiller. May be used for other attachments as well.

    center_pto.jpg (25767 bytes)

    Center Power Take-Off. Operates center-mounted attachments which are free- floating and follow ground contours - thanks to Simplicity™s patented mounting. Two-step pulley permits rotary mower and sickle bar to use this feature.
    rear_pto.jpg (21395 bytes)


    front_pto.jpg (20050 bytes)
    Front Power Take-Off. This output shaft from the engine drives rotary snow thrower. Will be used to drive others in the future. Can also be used to drive implements, such as elevators.  
    Hydrolift Control. Brand new feature gives you fingertip control when raising front, center or rear-mounted attachments, with as little effort as power steering. This hydraulic lift feature gives you perfect control, allowing you to raise or lower attachments to any desired position and hold them there. Also has provision which allows attachments to float and follow contour of ground. Previous model hand lift control lever still available.

    Click each picture for a closer view

    Optional Electric Starter and Generator (Mfg. No. 990316) This heavy-duty electric starter and generator gives fast, effortless starts at the touch of a button.   You still have a hot spark if all the current is used to crank the engine.   The unit is equipped with key ignition for added safety and protection.


    Easy Access to Parts  - Flip-top bucket seat and removable hood provide full, instant access to parts. The engine is mounted to blow engine heat forward, away from the operator. Wide seat is amply padded with foam rubber and rises high in back to give good support and comfort to driver. access.jpg
    3 Speeds Forward and One Reverse - The Landlord has a top speed of over 6 mph, second speed of 3-3/4 mph and first speed of nearly 2 mph. A special 10 pulley reduces all forward speeds 1/3 for more power, allowing tractor to move as slow as 1 mph. The oil-lubricated transmission features anti-friction roller bearing on hardened shafts for smooth operation and long life.

    6 Speeds Forward and 2 Reverse - That's what High-Low range speed kit attachment gives you. The internal gearing in the hub of this single pulley lets you shift from direct drive to reduced drive, cutting speed to about one-third initial pace, giving you more power in each forward and reverse gear. Especially useful in difficult conditions with snow blower, tiller, grader or mower.


    Efficient Power Flow - Power is delivered efficiently to all power take-off points and wheels.   The snow blower is driven from the main PTO in the front of the engine.   Power for the rotary mower and all pull-behind attachments is taken from the spiral bevel gear box, connected directly to the flywheel end of the engine by a shaft and flexible couplings.



    Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.  

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