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    Engine: Briggs & Stratton 10 hp, 4-cycle, Easy-Spin starting, heavy duty air-cooled, with micromatic ignition and mechanical governor.  

    Crankshaft: Mounted and rotates on ball bearing.

    Valves: Stellite exhaust with Stellite seat for longer valve life.  

    Air Cleaner: Oil Foam with special rotating screen which centrifuges leaves and clippings out of cooling air.   [Note:   This is an error in the source document -- the rotating screen is over the inlet for the engine's cooling fan, and not over the carburetor's air cleaner.  

    Transmission: Sliding spur gear and spiral bevel gear, oil lubricated, precision cut, carburized and hardened, mounted to anti-friction roller bearings.  

    Differential: Spur gear, precision cut, carburized and hardened with built-in controllable friction.  

    Frame: Electrically welded, heavy gauge of new inverted channel type.New Steering Gear: 4.1 to 1 ratio.  

    Turning Radius: 2' inner rear wheel.

    Speeds: 3 speeds forward plus reverse. Gear ratios with standard pulleys, 156 in first, 66 in second, 40 in third. Gear ratios with tiller pulleys, 194 in first, 82 in second, 50 in third. Planetary ¾ to 6 mph.  

    Tires: Front 4.80 x 8 studded-tread 2-ply. Rear 8.50-12 suburbanite-tread 2-ply.  

    Electrical System: 12 volt with large 40 amp automotive battery, magneto for positive starting even in coldest weather when all battery current is needed to turn over engine. Automotive battery and ammeter,
    3-stage voltage regulator for quick recharging.  

    Shipping Weight: 681 lbs.  

    Power Take-Offs: Smooth power flow with power take-off available to front, center and rear; eliminates costly extra engines.

    Original, damaged catalog courtesy of Steve Redfern with some pictures courtesy of Chris Geise. Entire catalog in great condition, courtesy of Wally Becker.

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