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    Even More Attachments


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    hd_dozer_pg11.jpg (27054 bytes)

    even_m1.gif  46" DOZER BLADE AND SNOW PLOW (No. 990356)  This heavily reinforced 46" blade is protected against shocks by two heavy springs. It angles right or left, in 5 positions. Adjusts from operator's seat. Scraper blade edge is removable, and can be inverted. Attaches to front axle of tractor to tip with front wheels, following contour of surfaces. Adjustable shoes regulate height of blade. Rear counterweights are recommended if hand lever is used rather than hydrolift. Wheel weights and tire chains will give maximum traction.

    vac_pg11.jpg (43915 bytes)even_m2.gif  VACUUM COLLECTOR (right). This attachment lets you clear off clippings and collect leaves without lifting a rake. It whisks off leaves and long clippings without causing a callous. It simultaneously vacuums and mulches leaves and grass clippings as you mow, and propels them into an extra large grass container. Heavy-duty, all-weather canvas bag features sturdy removable rear door that's extra wide for easy dumping. Attaches in minutes to the rotary mower and dump cart.

    even_m3.gif  ROVING NOZZLE FOR VACUUM COLLECTOR (No. 990447) interchangeable suction hose 15' in length lets you reach into and extract leaves and debris from remote areas such as corners or under bushes. Lets you put your rake away for good. Special carry bracket lets you mount it to the frame of your leaf wagon.


    grader_pg11.jpg (38746 bytes)

    even_m4.gif  42" GRADER BLADE (No. 990237).You'll grade like a pro in loose dirt or on gravel drives with this easily adjusted blade. Angles right, left or straight ahead. Attaches with only 3 pins--no tools required, High-carbon steel blade is sturdy, half-inch thick, double beveled, reversible. (Recommend four No. 990046 wheel weights.)

    sickle_bar_pg11.jpg (39661 bytes)even_m5.gif  46" SICKLE BAR (No. 990465)  Rough terrain and steep slopes matter little to this unit-- it slices effortlessly through heavy growth, leveling over an acre per hour in high gear at half throttle. Mounts on the side, between front and rear wheels, in minutes. Hydrolift, or hand control lever, raises and lowers bar. Mows above and below horizontal without losing cutting ability. Spring mechanism protects knives from obstructions; recouples without operator dismounting. Adjusts to vertical position for transportation. Shown with Dual Wheels (No. 990286), requires power take-off.

    [Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]

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