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    Wonder-Boy 404




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    SIMPLICITY WONDER-BOY 404 (No. 990390)  Above has 4 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with Easy-Spin starter. Shown with 24" rotary mower 990358, which has patented "free floating" feature that really avoids scalping.., ask any owner. Mows more than ½ acre per hour, on slopes as   steep as 40%, giving you an even trim. Leaf Mulcher (No. 990264) available as optional equipment.


    Wonder-Boy 404

    . . .   designed for those who think thrifty

    THIS 4 hp unit wins budget-minded friends at every turn of the price sheet. It's the perfect answer for folks who want to cut costs as well as their lawn . . . yet want all the advantages a quality riding mower offers.

    Owners say they wonder how they got along without the Wonder-Boy before they enjoyed the unexcelled service and practicality of this small power package. Though it's attractive, this handy helper has no purely decorative parts that aren't functional.   Every item on this economical unit has a purpose. . .   and each of them is built to last.

    Its 24" mower levels a lot of lawn in little time, on uneven terrain without scalping a single blade. It mows over 1/2 acre an hour, and is ready to help you with other jobs as well. It mounts any of its attachments in less than a minute, letting you haul materials with its dump cart or smooth a 3' swath with its 36" roller.

    Its compact design makes it maneuverable enough to trim around a tree in one pass . . . and lets you store it easily between two cars in your garage.   Its responsive Easy-Spin starter system assures you quick starts, too. There's no "rope wrestling", no losing time and temper with a balky engine . . . a quick spin and the WonderBoy's ready to work.     Mows within 5/8" of edge of deck . . . works cooler, with engine fumes behind you . . . and gives a comfortable ride with its deep padded seat and soft pneumatic tires.   With a Wonder-Boy 404, you rule your yard . . . your yard doesn't rule you.    

    Wonder-Boy cuts your grass to a trophy-winning look, mulches leaves to enrich your grass, rolls your lawn to carpet smoothness, and makes fans of your family by hauling loads they would otherwise carry. All this while you ride in regal comfort!

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    wb_roller.jpg (40700 bytes)

      36" LAWN ROLLER (No. 990227)  The Wonder-Boy has plenty of power to step right out with this 3' lawn roller in tow. This roller weighs 430 lbs. when filled with water, and rolls your lawn carpet smooth. A spring-loaded scraper blade keeps the roller clean during operation.

    wb_cart.jpg (36890 bytes)

    1/2 TON DUMP CART - Built to lift and last. This dump cart is another attachment that the Wonder-Boy handles easily. It hauls any type of material. It's hitched on in seconds without tools, and can be completely tipped over without disconnecting the trailer hitch or lifting the wheels from the ground. Tail gate is detachable. Size: 39" x 26" x 12".

    [Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]  

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