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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    cultivator_pg9.jpg (68513 bytes)

    M_R_code_small.gif  Cultivator (No. 990398).  Work astride small plants and between rows with this adjustable depth cultivator -- it adjusts even while you're in operation.   Sturdy wide high-carbon cultivator shovels are staggered to shed trash, keep your rows neat.

    landlord_deck_pg9.jpg (41755 bytes)M_R_code_small.gif  Simplicity Landlord shown with 42" mower is highly maneuverable in limited space.   Also note how mower follows a ground contour, thanks to Simplicity's patented "free-floating" action.


    spring_tooth_pg9.jpg (45452 bytes)

    M_R_code_small.gif  Spring Tooth Harrow (No. 990408) Cultivates a 44" wide area . . . and does it well. Rear mounted, attaches in minutes and is easily adjusted with hand lift lever or hydrolift. Seven spring teeth, all steel, mounted on a rugged steel frame.

    plow_pg9.jpg (47520 bytes)M_R_code_small.gif 10" Moldboard Plow (No. 990464) Rolling coulter cuts trash, lets you slice a neat, clean furrow. Handy depth regulator gives precise furrow control. Four No. 046 wheel weights and No. 315 tire chains recommended for sure-footed traction.

    [Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]

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