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    snow units make Simplicity Riders all-season power partners

    Click for a closer view
    landlord_snowthrower.jpg (33181 bytes)

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    sovereign_snowthrower.jpg (27082 bytes)

    LANDLORD with 36" Rotary Snow Thrower

    SOVEREIGN with 42" Rotary Snow Thrower

    HERE'S photo evidence of the fact that Simplicity rider tractors are all-season workers. With Simplicity's wide choice of attachments, you can use your power unit 12 months of the year.    

    It's a fact that some Simplicity owners appreciate their tractors much more in winter than they do in summer.   No one minds the outdoors when the weather's warm, but when you're forced outside and have a snow shoveling job to boot, you appreciate a helper that gets your job done in a hurry and lets you get back inside where it's warm.  

    Help is at hand . . . directly from Simplicity. This year, the Simplicity engineers have come up with more snow clearance attachments than ever to fit any of the five riding tractors in the line. You can attach Rotary Snow Throwers to the Sovereign, the Landlord, the Broadmoor or the Yeoman, and literally turn a blizzard into reverse.   Or, you can attach Snow Plow Blades to any of the five Simplicity tractors, and clear away more snow in minutes than you can in nearly an hour with a snow shovel. Either way, you end up not half as tired . . . or half as cold.  

    The biggest snow fighter of them all is the 42" Rotary Snow Thrower that attaches to the Sovereign. This hungry unit tackles man-sized drifts, chews them up and spews them off in any direction you please. With this Rotary Snow Thrower, as with those that attach to the smaller Simplicity riders, you have full authority, with fingertip controls right in front of you. Even the auger is controlled with a special clutch from the seat for added safety and convenience. No need to get off and walk up front to put it in gear.   Hit any size drift with gusto, these Rotary Snow Throwers move hood-high drifts out of the way.   You're finished in no time and not even winded.   That's because your Simplicity tractor does al! the work. They get up and go in a hurry, with little regard to the temperature, thanks to their Easy-Spin starting which gives you instant response in sub-zero weather.   Their controlled traction lets you walk right up slippery slopes with Traction Differential and extra wide rear tires.   Add wheel weights, counter weights, and tire chains, and these Simplicity tractors really grab hold and go.

    This year, buy a Simplicity . . . and think of winter as a snow sports season, not a shoveling season.

    broadmoor_snowthrower.jpg (37264 bytes)

    yeoman_snowthrower.jpg (53484 bytes)

    Click each picture for a closer view.

    42", 36", OR 32" ROTARY SNOW THROWER.   These units cut a wide swath through deep drifts. Spout can be turned to throw snow in almost any direction away from the operator. One-piece, non-clogging auger has an adjustable height which allows snow removal over uneven surfaces. These durable units are built with precision anti-friction bearings. They are equipped with a special clutch lever, so that they can be engaged and disengaged from driver's position on the seat -- safe and easy.   For Broadmoor and Yeoman, 32" width (No. 990419). For Landlord, (No. 990345) and the Model W tractor, (No. 990187) 36" width. For Sovereign, 42" width (No. 990421).  

    [Source: Brochure, IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE .....WITH SIMPLICITY, Form 868, 1969, courtesy of William Harm]

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