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    2210 Features


    Never content with a good thing, Simplicity has added a good many more Simplicity features to this year's Landlord--it has an interlocking starter circuit that requires you to shift to neutral before starting, for safety... the key is recessed to eliminate broken-key problems ... increased steering ratio and strengthened steering system gives you better control and reduces operator fatigue.

    The "old standards" of the Landlord features aren't to be overlooked, either. With the optional hydraulic help of "Powerlift" even your wife can raise front, center and rear-mounted attachments completely and easily with a minimum of effort. A simple push of the Hydrolift lever and hydraulic power does the work.

    And starting the Landlord is as easy as starting the family car. Just hop on, and away you go...with your lawn worries being cut down in the process. So, why not enjoy your yard work rather than begrudge it?

    pg8_2210.jpg urbbul3a.gifurbbul3d.gif36" Rotary Tiller (46 inch width with tine extensions). In the kind of seedbed this unit prepares, no crop can resist growing. The gentle, blending action of the strong, non-clogging, self-sharpening tines never pulverize soil structure. Powerlift lever (optional) raises tiller when desired.

    Compare these
    Features of the 2210

    • Increased steering ratio and strengthened steering system.  
    • Three power take-off positions--front, center and rear-for unmatched versatility  
    • Controlled Traction Differential --if one wheel slips, the other continues to drive  
    • EasySpin starting for that quick, welcome rrrrrrrowrr!
    • Power aplenty to handle more than 20 Simplicity attachments
    • Electrically welded heavy-gauge steel frame for rugged durability  
    • Optional high-low range speed kit gives six speeds forward and two reverse, letting you shift from drive to reduced drive, cutting ground speed approximately one-third of initial pace, without affecting attachment efficiency    
    • Moves out at 6.1 mph clip, yet won't exceed a safe speed  
    • Softpurr muffler stifles engine noise without stealing horsepower  
    • A handy parking brake... a deluxe bucket seat... a dash with weather protected closely grouped controls... and a gas gauge in the hood which lets you check the fuel without removing the gas cap.

    urbbul3a.gif For use on 3112 tractor
    urbbul3d.gif For use on 2210 tractor

    [Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]

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