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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Class of 69


    Click each picture for a closeup view

    The Class  of '69

    the long leisure lineup from Simplicity  

    12 hp Sovereign 3112 ... available with Hydrostatic or Variable Speed Drive; shown with 48" Rotary Mower.  

    10 hp Landlord 2210... with all gear transmission; shown with 42" Rotary Mower.  

    7 hp Broadmoor 727 ... shown with 36" Rotary Mower.  

    7 hp Yeoman 627... shown with 32" Rotary Mower.  

    5 hp Serf 525... shown with 28" Rotary Mower.  

    8 hp Model "W "Walking Tractor... shown with 32" Rotary Mower.  

    21" Walking Mower... available in self-propelled or push-type models.  

    5 hp Supermatic Roticul ... 3 hp model also available.  

    7 hp Snow-Away... also available in 6 hp and 4 hp models.

    Simplicity production facilities

    The nine different types of tractors and units shown on these  pages indicate the completeness of the Simplicity line.  

    With this year's addition of the Walking Mower, Simplicity now offers you the widest and best choice in the lawn and garden power equipment field . .. from the powerful Sovereign 3112 to the economical Walking Mower.  

    All of these Simplicity products are produced in Port Washington, Wisconsin, where more than 7 ½ acres of manufacturing space are housed under one roof for one purpose--to produce Simplicity quality in quantity.

    pg3_3112_sm.jpg Sovereign 3112
    pg3_2210_sm.jpg Landlord 2210
    pg3_727_sm.jpg Broadmoor 727
    pg3_627_sm.jpg Yeoman 627
    pg4_525_sm.jpg Serf 525
    pg4_model_w_sm.jpg Model "W" Walking Tractor
    pg4_wmower_sm.jpg 21" Walking Mower
    pg4_roticul_sm.jpg Supermatic Roticul
    pg4_plant_sm.jpg Port Washington -- home of Simplicity
    pg4_snowaway_sm.jpg Snow-Away

    [Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]

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