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  • Landlord 2210


    Simplicity Landlord 2210 takes charge of big chores


    pg7_2210.jpg Simplicity Landlord 2210  has 10 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine with electric starter-generator. 

    urbbul3a.gifurbbul3d.gifShown with 42" Rotary Mower which has the famous Simplicity patented "Free Floating" feature that avoids scalping. Attachments can be raised with manual lift arm or hydraulically with optional "Powerlift."

    If you're looking for enough muscle and hustle to take over big yard chores, look no further. This brawny beauty takes to its tasks with the ease of a machine that loves its work. Once over lightly with a Landlord, and your lawn and garden know they've met their master!

    Need to mow up to two acres an hour? The Landlord lets you. So will some other makes of lawn mowers, but not with the smooth anti-scalp mowing feature on which Simplicity holds a patent. A Simplicity mower is mounted on the front tilting axle... not suspended on the tractor frame as on most tractors.  

    What's that mean? Simply this: When the front tires roll over uneven terrain, the front wheels act as a guide for the mower, allowing it to rise and fall, and tilt from side to side. In addition, rear mower rollers extend across the full width of the mower, and anti-scalp rollers are located under the mower to complete the patented anti-scalp feature.

    With 10 husky horses under its hood, the Landlord 2210 gets you through yard chores with leisure time to spare. It's perfect for the big jobs... whether you're mowing a large lawn, cultivating a big garden, or clearing away a heavy snowfall.

    The Landlord puts full power at your fingertips with its all gear transmission.

    urbbul3a.gif For use on 3112 tractor
    urbbul3d.gif For use on 2210 tractor

    [Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]

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