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    Simplicity 525

    Compact convenience with class


    This 5 hp Serf may be small and compact, but it's sturdy as a small tank. It does a wide variety of jobs, and exemplifies Simplicity's wide choice of tractors, allowing you to pick the power that matches your power requirements.

    While the Serf is not quite as brawny as the 7 hp Yeoman, it does many of the same jobs. It handles a 28" Rotary Mower, a 40" Grader Blade, the 36" Lawn Roller, the 42" Snow Plow and Dozer Blade, and this year a 27" Snow Thrower has been added to the list of Serf attachments.

    This maneuverable tractor has an inside turning radius of 20 inches which lets you easily trim around trees and close to the swing set. You can store it in about the same space as a coaster wagon -- it's only 26 inches wide and 51½ inches long. But don't make the mistake of letting that size lead you to underestimating its capabilities. This versatile unit quickly converts from lawn mowing to grading, snow plowing, hauling and lawn rolling.

    The Serf features three speeds forward and one reverse, with speeds ranging from .9 mph to 3.5 mph. The Serf's Rotary Mower, like all other Simplicity mowers, gives you that careful cut, with full assurance that you won't cause "bald" spots here and there. The "free-floating" feature really works--it is the Simplicity patent that has been proven over the years on all Simplicity tractors.

    Sturdy, eager, compact-- all three of those describe the Serf. But only an owner can fully appreciate it.

    [Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]

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