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    Snow Handling


    Simplicity Riders really put snow in its place

    It's a fact that some Simplicity owners appreciate their tractors much more in winter than they do in summer. By adding a Rotary Snow Thrower to the Sovereign, the Landlord, the Broadmoor, the Yeoman or the Serf, you can literally turn a blizzard into reverse. Or, you can attach a Snow Plow blade to any of the five Simplicity tractors, and clear away more snow in minutes than you can in nearly an hour with a shovel. Either way, you end up not half as tired ...nor half as cold.

    This year's units feature a higher front opening and wider auger to increase the snow engaging area. Plus, straight sides on the auger housing avoids clogging in wet snow. Snow isn't carried over and handled several times in a Simplicity auger, either--when it makes contact, it's moved directly to the spout and out. To accommodate the increased amount of snow in this year's auger, there has been a 50% increase in the spout area. Everything is concentrated on moving snow fast-that's why we refer to it as blizzard reversing.

    With Simplicity Riders, you're finished in no time and not even winded.., because your Simplicity tractor does all the work. This year, buy a Simplicity Rider... and think of winter as a snow sport season.

    42", 36", 32" or 27" Rotary Snow Thrower. These units cut down big drifts in a flurry. Stainless steel cable allows operator to rotate spout in any direction and put snow where desired, One piece, non-clogging auger has an adjustable height which allows snow removal over uneven surfaces. Special clutch lever allows operator to engage or disengage unit from driver's seat safely and easily. For Serf; 27" width. For Yeoman and Broadmoor, 32" width, For Landlord, 36" width. For Sovereign, 42" width.


    46" or 42" Snow Plow and Dozer Blade. Big snow clearing jobs are easy with these all-steel, multi-purpose blades. Adjustable shoes permit snow removal from uneven ground, gravel or stone driveways. Blade angles left, right or straight ahead -- the 42" blade adjusts to three positions; the 46" blade adjusts to five positions. For Broadmoor, Yeoman and Serf, 42" blade. For Landlord, 42' or 46" blade. For Sovereign, 46" blade.

    [Source: Simplicity -- for picture perfect outdoor maintenance, 1969 Product Catalog, Form No. 868, courtesy of John Boesch]

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