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    Landlord Specifications


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    Model LANDLORD - 10 hp.
    Engine Briggs & Stratton  4-cycle air-cooled single-cylinder. 10 hp., 23.94 cu. in. displacement. Stellite exhaust valve and seat. Horizontal crankshaft. Cast iron construction. Fuel capacity 6 qts.
    Starting Easy-Spin 12 volt electric starter/ generator with 40 ampere-hour battery, 3-stage voltage regulator. Key ignition switch with neutral interlock to prevent starting in gear.
    Transmission Variable Speed Drive unit has 3 forward ranges, 1 reverse, permits instant changes in ground speed without shifting or changing attachment speed.  
    Speeds Variable Speed Drive: .8 to 6.1 mph. forward, to 3.14 mph. in reverse.  
    Rear Axle Controlled Traction Differential, combining true differential action with limited-slip traction.
    Frame Electrically welded heavy gauge frame. Inverted channel construction permits low mounting of large engine for low center of gravity.
    Power Take-off Three. At front, center and rear. Operate independently of vehicle drive.  
    Clutch-brake On one pedal. Top of travel declutches, further travel controls brake. Separate lock provides parking brake.
    Steering ratio 4.1:1 gear reduction.
    Turning radius 31-1/2" inside rear tire.
    Tires Pneumatic. High-flotation 23 x 8.50-12 rear; 4.80/4.00 X 8 front.
     (without attachments)
    39" wide, 72" long,
    37-3/4" high.
    48" wheelbase.
    Rotary Mower Size 42" Height adjustable, 1-5/8" to 3-1/8"
    Seat Vinyl covered foam rubber, bucket


    [Source: Brochure, Simplicity 1970, Form 869, courtesy of William Harm]




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