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    Our name. Our corporate creed. Our engineering philosophy. A philosophy our customers find easy to live with. Especially in a day and age when the compound complications of continuous change, the frustrations of an increasingly complex world and a furious pace are all a part of day to day living. So, we build Simplicity into our powered products to take some of the complexity out of your life.

    Simplicity is bred into all our powered products as they begin life on the designers' drafting tables. Every Simplicity product is designed as a unit to make sure each and every part not only does its own job, but works smoothly with every other part. . . right from the very beginning. And we're very careful about the number of parts that go into a unit. Never a complex group of mechanisms when a single part will do just as well. We simply keep it simple.

    Simplicity owners agree. That's why they keep their machines longer. Get more on a trade-in when they are ready for new equipment. And that's why they almost always buy another Simplicity. But please. Don't take our word for it. Ask any Simplicity owner. (You can recognize him by the smile on his face.)

    Easy-Spin Electric Starting.

    A simple little system that starts with the turn of a key, just like your car. It's teamed up with a big, power packed battery and fully regulated generator that keeps you starting all year around. Standard equipment on 14 hp., 10 hp. and 8 hp. models. Optional on 7 hp. and 5 hp. tractors. (110 volt trickle charger)

    The Machine for All Seasons.

    More than 30 attachments, including snow removal equipment, make your Simplicity tractor a year around performer. Unlike competitors' basic attachments, Simplicity's are designed and manufactured to give you maximum performance from your machine. The Simplicity way to make all 12 months easier and safer for you.

    Quick-Switching Is Simplicity Itself.

    Mower off ... attachment on. It takes just seconds and no tools at all. So fast and easy that a Simplicity Quick-Switch has actually been timed in 11 seconds flat. A long way from the 20 minutes to a full hour you can spend changing competitive tractor attachments. Simplicity tractors and attachments. Designed together . . . to go together . . .   to work together.

    Non-Scalp Mowing, a Simplicity Patent.

    Our mower is attached to a tilting front axle. So, when the wheels change position with the lay of the land, the mower tilts with them. wide rollers guide the rear of the mower housing to assure non-scalp action. Free floating action that gives your lawn a smooth, even cut. We simply built the mower to follow the ground instead of the tractor.

    Comfortable Riding . . . Easy Access.

    All tractor seats are specially contoured and padded for support and comfort, adjustable for operator size. Muffler and cooling fan directs engine heat away from the driver. Flip-up bucket seats and hoods on the 14 and 10 hp. models . . . and removable hoods on other models put everything in easy reach for routine checks and servicing.

    [Source: 1971 Simplicity catalog, hand-dated 1/21/71, courtesy of Chris Geise.]

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