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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    Hydrostatic Drive gives you single lever control

    Allows you to change travel speed and direction quickly while attachments continue to run at the speed ideal for the job. Gives you a full range of ground speeds in forward or reverse without clutching.   Unique oil cooler maintains safe operating temperature.



    New 4-speed Shuttling Drive for shiftless reversing

    Provides 4 speed ranges in forward and reverse. Instant, shiftless reversing in any range. Touch-O-Matic clutch can be feathered to slow tractor without shifting. Pull shuttle lever toward reverse to slow or stop tractor . . . all the way back to reverse tractor.

    3-speed Gear Drive gives you full engine capacity

    Three speeds forward and one in reverse. Rugged all gear transmission effectively utilizes full engine horsepower for high traction loads. Touch-O-Matic clutching gives you foot controlled inching. · Ideal for close-in mowing . . . around trees and shrubs.



    Start Your Simplicity Like You Start Your Car    

    A simple turn of the key gets you going the fast and easy way, even in sub-zero weather. Electric start is teamed with a powerful, high-capacity 12-volt battery and a fully regulated generator. It's standard equipment on the 15 hp and 10 hp Simplicity tractors.

    Easy Access Means Easy Maintenance

    Flip-up bucket seats and hoods put everything in easy reach for routine checks and servicing. Oil fill and drain pipes are readily accessible. Spring and wear-plate combination in differential automatically adjust for limited slip action. Automatic reset circuit breaker eliminates fuses.



    Every Simplicity Is Designed For Your Comfort . . . Your Safety

    Padded, contoured seats adjust to operator size. Muffler positioned up front.   . . cooling fan directs heat away from driver. Belts, drives, all moving parts are covered. Easy-to-reach controls are marked to tell you how to use them. Mower height adjusts with a twist of the wrist.

    Patented Mower Mounting Gives Your Lawn a Smooth Even Cut  

    Our mower attaches to the tractor front axle, The tractor front wheels automatically tilt the mower to match the terrain. A free-float pivot and short mower wheel base follow rolling contours. Wide rollers support the rear of the mower, and average out lawn irregularities.

    quick_hitch.jpg Change Attachments In Seconds Without Tools

    All Simplicity attachments hook up with a simple pin and spring clip. You spend your time on the tractor working on the lawn. Not on the lawn working on the tractor. Power take-off points feed engine power directly to efficient rotary attachments in 3 locations -- front, center or rear.

    Attachments Keep Your Simplicity Working All Year Around

    Snow throwers, blades, carts, vacuum collectors, revitalizers . . . and a dozen more. Simplicity makes the attachments you need. They are designed to give you the best possible performance from your machine . . . all year long, year after year. Shown on 8 hp. model.


    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, 15hp and 10hp tractors, Form 11-007, hand-dated 7/24/72, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]

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