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    15 hp.

    10 hp.



    Mfrs. No 759 includes 3415H Hydrostatic tractor only

    Mfrs. No. 758 includes 3415S Shuttling Drive tractor only

    Model Designation Transmission With 42" Rotary Mower Tractor Only
    3410 3-Speed Gear 781 755
    3410S Shuttling 4-Speed 782 756
    3410H Hydrostatic 783 757
    Engine Briggs & Stratton 4-cycle, air-cooled, single-cylinder, cast iron.
      Model Number 325431 243431
      Horsepower 15 10
      Displacement 32.4 cu. in. 23.94 cu. in.

    Stellite with valve rotators (Stellite seats).


    Horizontal crankshaft. (Sovereign only: Synchro-balanced to reduce vibration.)


    Adjustable mechanical, fully enclosed and lubricated. Range-1000 to 3750 rpm.

      Lubrication Splash type, capacity 4 pints.
      Starting Electric starter/generator. Key controlled with solenoid.
      Ignition Patented high voltage magneto.
      Electrical System

    12-volt, 42-ampere hour battery. 14-ampere starter generator with 3 unit voltage regulator and generator, warning light. 20-ampere circuit breaker protects electrical system.

      Air Cleaner

    Reusable dual element; heavy duty paper cartridge and oil-foam pre-cleaner.  

      Muffler Large capacity, enclosed by hood.
      Fuel Capacity 3 gallons. Gage is standard equipment.
      Hydrostatic Drive   (Available on both models.)

    3-Speed Gear Drive (Available on Landlord Only)

      Type Vickers piston-to-piston.


    Spur gear transmission
      Working Fluid Dexron automatic transmission fluid. 1 ¾ quarts capacity.   Speeds (mph) at (3600 RPM)
      Temperature Protection Oil cooler with fan and cold weather bypass valve.     standard with low-speed
      Speeds Stepless 0 to 7 mph forward, 0 to 4 mph reverse. 1st 1.5 .98
      Soft Ride Valve Smooth Starting (No spring change required for tilling). 2nd 3.5 2.3
      Protection High-pressure relief valve 3rd 5.8 3.7
      Gears and Bearings   Hardened spur gears. Rolling contact bearings Rev 2.9 1.9

    Hardened spur gears. Rolling contact bearings

      Lubrication SAE 90 gear oil. Capacity - 1 ½ quarts. SAE 90 gear oil. Capacity - 1 ½ quarts.
      4-Speed Shuttling Drive (Available on both models.)
      Type Hand-controlled differential type unit has V-belt split sheaveforward clutch and band-type reverse clutch.
      Speeds max. at 3600 rpm

    1st. 96 mph - 2nd 2.3 mph - 3rd 3.7 mph - 4th 5.1 mph.

      Gears and Bearings Hardened spur. Rolling contact.
      Lubrication Shuffle Unit: Lithium grease Factory packed; 4-speed transmission: SAE 90 gear oil - 1 ½ qts.  
    Differential Controlled Traction. 8-springs and hardened washers transfer some driving force. Hardened steel spur pinions. Fully packed with #2 lithium grease
    Brake/Clutch All on one pedal. Soft action, Touch-O-Matic ® V-belt clutch and external band-type brake.
      Parking Brake External band. (Cam controlled independently of foot brake.)
      Length 67" 67"
      Width (tractor only) 36" 34 ½"
      Height to top of steering wheel 39 ¼" 39 ¼"
      Wheelbase 48" 48"
      Tread Front (inside tires) 26" 26"
      Tread Rear (inside tires) 26" 26"
      Turning Radius (inside rear tire) 30 ½" 30 ½"
      Tires: Front   Pneumatic, size 16 X 6.50 X 8 -- 12-15 PSI Pneumatic, size 4.80   X 4.80 X 8 (3 speed); 16 X 6.50 X 8 (others) -- 12-15 PSI
      Fires: Rear   Pneumatic, size 23 X 10.50 X 12 -- 6-8 PSI Pneumatic, size 23 X 8.50 X 12 -- 6-8 PSI
      Steering Bevel gear type 4.66 to 1 gear ratio.
      Front Axle Large area bearing with "wishbone" support for added stability.
      Slope Stability 20% slope without rear wheel weights. 40% slope with rear wheel weights (at slowest speed).
      Ground Clearance 6" minimum at differential. 9" at front axle. 7" at drawbar. 12 ¾" at center of frame.
    Attachment Mounting  
      Front and center

    Attachments mount to and tilt with front axle. Connect with 2 pins and spring clips  

      Rear Draw bar and lower and upper pivoting horizontal mounting is standard. Rear lift kit optional.  
      Manual Attachment Lift Lift lever with notched sector.
      Power Lift (optional) Highly efficient, electrically powered recirculating ball screw. Stops precisely and holds attachment in position. Position indicator is included. Quick, simple field installation.

    [Source:   Simplicity brochure, 15hp and 10hp tractors, Form 11-007, hand-dated 7/24/72, courtesy of Wally Koerbel]

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