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Unofficial Home of Old Simplicity & Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

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    The Simplicity 4041.  

    Its a new concept, a new size in tractors . . . available in two models offering a choice of standard features.   Designed from the ground up to do its jobs better and faster than any tractor before it.   Integrated design matches tractor, attachments and function for optimum performance.

    Not an overgrown garden tractor, not a stripped-down ag or industrial model, the 4041 is specifically engineered to fill the gap that has existed between these categories.   It's designed to deliver high performance on a host of rugged jobs . . . small-acreage farming and utility chores, industrial and institutional grounds keeping, club maintenance, suburban estate care and similar work.   You'll find feature after feature on the Simplicity 4041 that other tractors simply don't offer.   Features that tailor it ideally to the jobs it's meant to do.   Like the hydrostatic drive and 3-speed range transmission that lets you run attachments at their peak efficiency . . . while selecting the right ground speed to complete jobs in less time.   You also get clutchless shifting and reversing.

    Power takeoffs on the 4041 operate independently of the tractor transmission. Driven directly off the engine through electromagnetic clutches, the PTOs deliver continuous power to attachments' so work gets done quickly and efficiently.

    The rugged, fast-acting hydraulic lift system raises and lowers all attachments. Speeds up work and reduces effort because the operator can position attachments quickly, precisely, with just the touch of a finger.

    (Source:   The New Size Tractor   Simplicity 4041, Form 21-008, hand-dated 10-17-72, courtesy of Chris Geise)

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