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    Simplicity . . .
    simple, reliable, easy to care for.

    Simplicity is bred into our tractors right from the very beginning. Careful planning and design at the drawing board stage lead the way in keeping everything as simple as possible. The Simplicity plan calls for fewer working parts, so we never use a complex system when a single part will do the job as well. That means less to wear out. Less to repair. Less time and money to keep your lawn tractor working for you.

    We build our tractors simply... to make them reliable. Then we make them prove their reliability. While a Simplicity is being assembled, it is also being checked through station-by-station quality control. Electronic precision measuring to the last thousandth of an inch. An operating test before the tractor leaves the line.., where the engine is started to check differential action, transmission and power takeoff.

    We make our tractors and attachments pass endurance runs, too. We test at variable speeds ... give them more wear and tear than you would in years of normal use.

    The planning, the production, the checking and testing add up to the lowest repair and maintenance cost in the industry. And that simply means a Simplicity spends its time working instead of being worked on. It means routine maintenance that's really routine. Enclosed and lubricated gear drives instead of chains. Belts that you really can adjust or change if you should ever have to. Simplicity will keep working hard for you year after year. And when it comes to trade-in day, it'll work even harder. You get a good return on trade-in simply because there's a good market for used Simplicity tractors. And our dealers are carefully trained in repair and maintenance.., so they know how to get the best out of Simplicity tractors.

    Your life is complicated enough. We offer Simplicity

    [Source:   Simplicity Lawn Tractors catalog, Form No. 21-005, hand-dated 10/12/72, courtesy of Chris Geise]

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