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How to add a picture to your post

Once the text editor displays, you will see the area for attaching files below It.  

You can upload  pictures two different ways.  

1.  You can open multiple windows so that you can browse the files on you computer in one window, then drag and drop a file onto that area where the paperclip is in the other window.  Give it a few seconds to upload, The file name will appear first, with the message Loading.  Then the thumbnail (small version of the picture) will appear here.  The file size and the word Done will show up below the thumbnail, to indicate that it has finished uploading. 




CAUTION: You must wait for the uploading to finish or the picture will not appear in your post.

Note that there are two small buttons on the bottom of the picture, a trashcan on the right and a + on the left. The trashcan deletes the file, and the + will insert the picture into the body of the post where your cursor is currently placed. Alternatively, you can click and drag the thumbnail to place the picture where you want it in the body of your post . If you do not specify where to insert the picture, it usually just places the pictures at the end of the text.

2. Alternatively, you can click the choose files  link, and it will open a dialogue to allow you choose a file from from your device.  That picture will upload similar to that described above.



You can also embed pictures into your post without uploading in two different ways. Click on the Insert other media button that is visible on the top right corner of the picture area below the text editor.  It will pop up a dialogue that allows you to select one of two options.



1. Insert existing attachment will let you insert a picture that you have already uploaded to the Forums or to the Gallery, using this dialogue. Navigate through your previously uploaded pictures using the arrows and pages at the bottom.  Click on the picture that you want to reuse.  Note that the color of the little round indicator will change to show that you have selected that picture.  You can select multiple pictures, if you'd like. Then, click the Insert XX Selected button at the bottom right corner.  


CAUTION:  These picture(s) will be inserted exactly where your cursor was located in the body of your post that you/re working on in the editor.  Make sure you have the cursor where you want them, before starting the process to insert them, or you'll have to drag them around to reposition them.

2.  Insert image from URL  allows you to insert pictures from Photobucket, FlickR, or other spots around the Web.  You simply copy the URL address of that picture and paste it into this dialogue that pops up.  Then click the Insert into post button.




Recommended Comments

What picture files are you asking about @BLT ?  AFAIK, all the pictures except those you may have had in a personal gallery (which was limited to five) should have moved over and been incorporated.  Those personal gallery files should have been moved (check My Attachments under your user name) but they were not incorporated in these galleries.  We moved over 12GB (compressed in a Zip file) of pictures -- about 3 DVDs worth. I have no idea how many thousands of pictures that is, because they were in subdirectories by user name.

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Should we bother to reduce the file size of pictures before uploading them?  I think mine are typically about 3mb.

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