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Paying Club Dues

Paying club dues is a bit more complicated, but much more powerful and flexible in this new Clubhouse.  Think of it as using an online store that uses a shopping cart -- and that creates an invoice for every purchase.  If you receive an email from the site with a link to your renewal invoice, you simply need to click the link in that email to go pay the invoice.  Doing it from the menu is a bit more complicated, but essential for new members. So, this tutorial covers the entire process.

To begin payment using the menu, click the Membership button in the top menu, and select Place Order from the menu that drops down underneath.  This will display a storefront for Dues Payments, with only one item in the store -- Club Dues at a price of $10.  Click to select Club Dues item for a detailed view. 
















This will bring up a detailed view of the item, Club Dues.  Note two things:

1.  Your dues are for one full calendar year, from date of initial purchase or payment. 

2.  The dues are set up to automatically renew in one year (note the "and $10 per year" statement).   The site will email you an invoice for the next dues payment in approximately 11 months -- it will NOT automatically charge your credit card or PayPal account.  This will make it much easier to pay your dues then.

You will be given a 30 day grace period to pay your dues, before the site automatically "downgrades" your access rights from Club Member to Registered User, and restricts your access.  When you pay your dues, it will add one year to the previous due date, making your dues current, and paying your "past-due" dues. If you pay them before they are actually due, it will add a full year to the due date.  So the dates associated with your membership dues will likely not be the same as the day you actually paid them -- unless this is your first time paying dues, then it will be one year from date of payment. 

Click the Add to cart button to purchase and pay for your dues.


This will create the invoice for your purchase of Club Dues.  Next, you will need to go to Manage Purchases underneath the Membership button on the main menu to view and manage the invoice

NOTE:  If you have received an email linking to the invoice, this will be the view that is displayed. 

Click the link to Pay Now.  This will initiate the checkout and payment processing.


Once you have clicked the link to Pay Now, the payment processing screen comes up:

The first step in the Checkout wizard is to fill out your billing information.  Note that you can save most of it for use the next time, as is shown here (I've already paid my renewal, to test this functionality.)

Once you've filled out your billing info (including a phone number, in case of problems), click the Continue button at the bottom. 


This will bring up the Order Review, prior to processing the actual payment.  Note several things:

1.  The Order Review on the right shows the dues payment for this current year.  In my case, I am renewing, so it shows a renewal of my last dues payment converted from the old Clubhouse.  If you are paying dues for the first time, it will simply show Club Dues.

2.  The Renewals per year below it shows the details of the renewal invoice that will be created for you to renew your dues NEXT year.  You will NOT be billed for this now, only the $10 shown in the Order Review. 

3.  You must select a Payment Method.  Currently, you can choose Manual, then mail in your check or money order.  Or, you can pay using a credit card.  We will be adding PayPal back in soon, as a payment method.

4.  Then, click Place Order and Pay. 


If you selected Manual (check or money order), you will be taken to a confirmation screen with instructions to mail in your payment with a copy of the invoice to the Club Treasurer.  Note that you will receive a confirmation email at the address specified below you billing address, above.  You can simply print that email, and mail it in with your check (or money order).  The site will show this as Pending, and it will email the treasurer to give him a "heads up" to expect your check.  As noted, please allow 7-10 days for the mail to arrive and this manual processing to take place.

If you selected Credit Card, the dialogue will expand to gather the needed information.  NOTE: The site now runs an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 1024 bit encryption to safely gather and transmit this information. 

1.  Select the type of credit card.

2.  Enter your credit card number.

3.  Specify the expiration date.

4.  Enter the 3-digit security code from the back of the card.

5.  You can optionally store this information to avoid the need to reenter it next time.  Again, it is encrypted with 1024 bit encryption for your safety and cannot be read by a human.

Then, click Place Order and Pay


You will receive a confirmation screen similar to the one below.  Note that this example shows the cancellation of my test manual payment by check, and the processing of my credit card instead. 


You will be sent a confirmation email, with a copy of the payment invoice.  Your member status will immediately be changed to Club Member, giving you full access to all areas of the site. You're done!

Note that you can also review your entire dues payment history at any time, by clicking My History under the Membership menu option. It shows the payments converted from the old site also.







Recommended Comments


Posted (edited)

I know it's about time for my dues renewal, so I decided to read this tutorial. 

For renewing dues, I found a grey "Renew Now" box in the "Manage Your Purchases" section:


I don't see this feature mentioned anywhere in this tutorial.  Would this be the place to start for those of us that want to renew our dues?

Also, I believe the old site limited a renewal to one month before your anniversary date.  Is that true at this new site also?

Edited by PhanDad

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Yes, that would be the starting place.  A renewal is slightly different than a new member joining, since the site may have already created a renewal invoice for you.

I don't think there is a limit on how early you can pay, though I have the setting set to notify you 30 days before.  Then, you have a 30 day grace period after it is due before your Member status is changed.  So, all total, there is a 60 day window to pay them without incident.

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scottsalmons@msn.com I'm Back! Do I have to send a check? No card payment on line?

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@Scott Salmons Yes, we're still operating on checks until we bring in a new operating system probably. Send along with your invoice # to @MDB Mike Biery, Treasurer. 

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Updating some information here on Dues payments. 

As I currently  understand it , apparently there were changes made at Invision related to the services used for credit card collections. Since then,  the credit card side of dues payments in here seems to have resumed working again. Many members have now renewed memberships with a credit card without any problems.

We are currently working on the possibility of resuming PayPal again. Will update you on this in the near future.


We have established a new policy regarding dues payments by check through the mail that everyone needs to be aware of.

Our system of processing dues payments hinges on the Invoice number generated when purchasing your yearly Club Dues.  Credit card payments automatically make use of this Invoice number. However, if you do not include a copy of that  invoice when mailing in your check,  it makes processing your payment extremely difficult, if not impossible. We have had instances where a member/prospective member  just mails in a check with no other information included, not even a screen name. This is not acceptable. 

Our new policy henceforth, is to return to the sender any checks that do not include a purchase invoice.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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